Saturday, June 29, 2013


A couple of months ago, Rochelle tells me she's being published in the next issue of Life.Paper.Scrapbook &  that I should submit something. UGH! I'm just not good at getting my photos to the required size, dpi, pixels, etc. Well I did it, because I like to make her happy. LOL! Guess what?! They picked my layout!!!! The new issue is here & I'm on page 57. Be sure to look through all the pages. You'll find Rochelle Spears, Brenda Ragsdale, Ashley Horton, Sherri Funk & several other scrappy pals all in there too!!!!


Debbie P said...

Congrats! I saw that. Your layout was amazing! All you ladies are so talented!

Cathy Beishir said...

Congrats. and thanks for turning me on to a new online source. :)